Chapter 828 “A wedding?”

(Lily POV)

The next day, I helped in the kitchen first before dressing up for myself because I am already going to go to Shin’s company.

Butler Nang and I served the food on the table. The kids already went down when Jeoff…

I just sighed because they are expecting me to call Jeoff.

I knocked on his door then I remember how he teased me before I fell asleep.

He just showed me the calendar and encircled the number.

“This is an awaiting day, you are mine Lily.” And I knocked the door hardly with  a kick.

The door opened and Jeoff showed up to me. He just woke up and stretched his arms in front of me.

“Good morning Lily, give me a hug.”

“Stop it Jeoff, we are now going to eat.”

“Tsss. It is early in the morning and you’re mean. You feel you lack sleep.” Jeoff says while whispering and followed me.

When I stopp

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