Chapter 830 As if this is not easy to do.

(Jeoff POV)

I’ve seen my two visitors and it is early in the morning in my house.

But they approached me with a smile because of what they’ve seen.

“Here comes the winner Jeoff.” Shin shouted at me and I put his head between my arm and armpit.

“I can’t longer breathe, only Lily can manage to stay in your armpit.”

I already let him go.

“Tsss. I don’t have body odor.” “Lily is so lucky, he is so loving and he doesn’t have body odor.”

I sat because the Elder is being quiet. I know why they are here now because I wasn’t able to attend last night. What is that gathering about. And I know what Lily has done will reach them too.

Your sister is a headache Juan Carlos, and I think, because of what I’ve done to Lily last night and she is going to be my responsibility for life.

Here you go Jeoff , she is really y

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