Chapter Finale

(Jeoff POV)

“Last night, what really happened? My lower abdomen really hurts last night. I know that I am going to have my period again. Did something happen to us?”

You are caught Jeoff. There goes Lily. She is already asking. Answer. What are you going to answer her. Are you not going to answer Jeoff?



You just made me shit Lily.

Something really happened but it wasn’t continued because of, Argghhhh!

I smiled at her and it turned to smirk. I looked away.

“Jeoff, it is also my right to know because I only know half of it, something already happened to us but I felt asleep. Because I was drunk and tired. Tell me your experience Jeoff.”

And she seems fool asking me. Just like she is so far with a normal girl. Maybe she really know it didn’t happen. Just with her smile.

I shook my head.

“Your bloody Mary came. And you know me. I don’t

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