Chapter 1 Little Devil I am right?

(Lily Charm’s POV)

Good Morning everyone!

Whoaaa! I am still alive! Whoaaawww!

Crazy I am right?

I am a morning person. Who enthusiastically welcomes the brand-new day with a positive vibe!  Who don't want it? Want a slap? Everyone wants a good MORNING! 

This is me! Charmieeee! Not a napkin pad brand. Hahaha. I am using Modess and sister instead. 

I usually wake up before the sun gape to the new day and make it’s duty, to give a madness sophisticated morning light! Well, he is my first competitor.  THE SUN. Don’t ever try to defeat me.

I am an optimistic type of person and one thing you would really love about me is, I really have strong self-esteem and terrific self-made craziness rooster in the town. Some said, I am a happy-go-lucky lass. No. I believe, if you start your day kicking for good, it will be ended lovely!

As I face the new day, I use to paint my face with smile. Even I look really insane. Keep that discipline Charm!

I grab the little mirror beside my bed. Look at my face that automatically makes my smile bigger. The creature I am looking was beautiful. INDEED BEAUTIFUL!

Breathe in… Breathe out…  Everything’s perfect like the fresh air I breathe! 

Breathe in… Breathe out… I love myself! I love everyone! I love everything around me!

Breathe in… Breathe out… I’m kind, alert, enthusiastic and most of all!  I am beautiful!

Breathe in… Breathe out…

I close my eyes.

I praise and thank you Almighty Father for this wonderful day.  

Please guide me…

Us …

And everyone!

I love you papa God! And a lot of thanks in advance!


Words I utter before jump out of my bed. Then it’s time for gymnastic behavior!

Fix my bed…

Run to the bathroom and do my morning necessities! Stretching my body in case I have a chance to grow tall.

Running to our petite terrace. Making loud noise. Errr… I don’t think so I didn’t wake someone else. Hehehe.  With the roosters, I SCREAM….

“GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY!” and stretching my arms. Another day again, I defeated you Mr. Sun!

And of Course! Not to forget, I have to greet my most beloved self too!

“GOOD MORNING CHARMIE!” that’s the power!

“Good morning Uncle Bert!” These words came out of my mouth as I look down, which an old man passed by. It is Uncle Bert, and whoever old man I deal with, I address him uncle and auntie, even we are not blood related.  It shows thoughtfulness somehow.

Before he raised his head, I put my hands in my armpit since I didn’t yet plunked the trees.

Oh my virgin forest! Hehehe.

“You’ll be lucky selling your goods today!” I added as he walks down the street early in the morning to sell soy pudding. With a big smile drawn into his face he proudly replied...

“I know right. I’m sure it would be sold out! You say so!” That’s the spirit Uncle Bert! 

I wave at him, then stared at the sky. 

Then, I sigh and realize how amazing this day is... forever.  That others never witness this early sentiment.

I close my eyes again and feel God’s presence in me.  Words of praises and gratitude were pronounced by me without even realizing it.

Since I wanted to share this joyful feeling…. I insanely shouted again.

 “GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!”  Hoping to give good vibes to everyone.

Aling Marta turned on her lights. My first goal unlocked! Serve as the alarm clock of my neighborhood.  

“Good morning Ms. Mart—.”  I was about to greet her when someone toss a towel to me. That make me a bride under her darky veil. LOL.

As I turned to the killjoy… I make sure I am that resentful spirit. But... 

“Are you one of the roosters in this town? You making noise early in the morning? I hope you get an income for it.”, and there goes my brother Carlo. A business-minded and everything to him, MONEY.

“Good morning my beloved brother!” I respond happily set aside his sardonic face.   “Stop frowning you should…” I walked towards him. Hold his cheeks and make him smile with my fingers.

“Stop being mean brother, you should always be happy! Greet the morning with happiness. As if there is no tomorrow!”

I am a sweet little sister doing this to him. But he just gets rid of my hands from holding his face as he greets me…  

“Morning.” in his very cold tone. As if the whole world was giving him a lot of burden!

No brother! Don’t be stupid! The earth is floating and circling moving to its orbit. It’s not your job!

Like a kid, I insisted him to greet me again. 

“You need to great me brother Carlos a joyous Good morning!” since “Morning.” seems so meaningless for me and hurt my enthusiasm.

He takes the towel and… pay me what I want!

“Good morning.” Complete yet emotionless.

Okay. That would be good enough.

“This is a really great day brother! Why don’t you bother to give me a smile?” talking while following him.

“Huh? Really? We’ll see.” while putting the towel on his shoulders.

“Brother you’re so pessimist! It’s bad! You know that!” then bumped his butt. And laughed when he lost his balance. Is he not eating something? 

“Good Morning Carlos, my brother dear.” Ahahaha. I turn back and go to the kitchen.

Little Devil I am right?


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