Chapter 3 My guardian, mom, dad, and protector.

( Lily Charm POV's )

“Has anyone ever told you that your face looks awful when you’re serious?"

“Charm!” He bawl, and this time I know it is real.

Ouch. Where’s your heart Carlos?

He’s not kidding.

“You’ll marry him, whether you like it or not.”

I showed him a serious look, yet I still smirk because I can’t really help it.

“Is this a game bro?” I asked him. He inhaled deeply.

“You’re right.”

I am that smart. Hahaha.

“This is a gamble for my boss to his family. I feel sorry that we’re going to get involved in this game. But don’t worry, you just have to marry him and follow the agreement. That’s it.”

“But, why? Why it has to be me?” Asking him with a confused face.... but I am cute. 

“You’re good enough to step into the breach. Hypocrite. Acting like everything is fine. Tss.” He immediately answered back without any hesitation.

“What? What did you say?”

“You’re so pretentious. My boss will meet us later; You must sign the contract. I discuss you later the agreement and conditions.”

“Do I really need to do this?” I asked in a low tone of voice.

“Yes, you have to earn. You’re old enough.” He answered without even thinking if it would hurt my feelings or what. This brother of mind is a Business-minded. Tsk. Money. Everything to him is Money. But I can’t blame him.

Since… he sacrificed his time for me.

 “My brother never dated a girl because….”  I sighed leaving the reason in this situation.

“Charm, we only got each other, remember?”  He reminded me.

And it struck me that he is right. We only got each other’s back after our parents died from accident. From then on, my brother Carlos raised me; He has been my everything since then. My guardian, mom, dad, and protector.

So, after internalizing what my bro meant, I’ve just decided to enjoy the game. It’s challenging and exciting. Of course, I’ll have the chance to help my brother who almost forgot to love just because of me.

But for me this is not just a game, a dare, or whatever you would want to call it. It’s for the sake of our future.

Let’s get on to the game lovable Charm!



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