Chapter 6 Carlos, relax. Breath in, breath out!

(Lily Charm POV's )

We entered a very enormous room.

I don’t know where to go since they just pulled me wherever they want to. But one thing that really astoud me about them, they are not clamorous, they don’t even utter a single word.

I was even more dazed when I saw a big bathtub with floating petals of roses on it.

Ohhhh…HAHAHA. I am ashamed to this bathtub.

“You have to take a bath first. After fifteen minutes, we’ll be right back, or do you need an assistant?”

I already took a shower at home. And other thing, assistant?

HAHAHAHA, are you kidding me? I am no longer a baby!

“You don’t have to. I can manage it.”

They leave. 

I.... am alone now in my dream... and please… Wake me up if I am still dreaming! Because an over-fancy dream I feel today is seems a nightmare already for me!  HAHAHA I want to go home. Carlos where are you?!

I was still stunt, biting my fingernails, asking myself if I should bath or not? 

When someone pushed me, and I stared deadly at one of the maid who made this to me. She smirked as if she is my boss?

I said I don’t need an assistant right? Did you hear me?

But I think my brother had told them to force me do this thing since I  am cool-headed sometime...

And you still give them the authority to do this to me?! Why do you have to do this to me?!

The water wasn’t cold enough. It’s just fine. I was like a kid enjoying the bubbles. Savoring the feeling as if I am taking a bath in natural falls.

Then there you go; the fiend housemaids are here again.

“Time’s up!”

 OMG! They might see my beautiful virgin body naked! 

I draw the towel and look at their eyes. Yeah, even you are a female, please respect my privacy! 

I went out wearing a bath robe, and of course new underwear. The fabric was so nice. Elegant type, soft and not itchy type of fabric. 

Again, they pushed me.

This day is really extraordinary!

And I was really bursting into laughter because of the tickling massage! HAHAHAHA. Why do I need to get a massage?

Is this how my mom felt when she went to a spa? I just missed my mom. Sigh. I wish you were here.

After a while, I get used to the tickling feeling of the massage. It turns relaxing, that I even fell asleep.

Goodnight Charmie.



I was awaken by a pinch on my ears!

Guess who did this?

Yeah. My mean brother again. I would love to throw him on sea full of sharks! Brother! They will love you! Promise! Argh!

Dear sharks, my brother flesh is nutritious!

“There’s no time for taking a nap! The church is a bit far from here!” shouting at my ear as if I am deaf. But he was really annoyed.

“Bro, don’t be pathetic. Even if it is distant from here, it won’t leave its location. It won’t go away from us! The church have no feet to run away from us!”

But he responds me with a glanced, that he is not playing with me. Should I apologies at him? 

“Prepare her for the wedding!” he commanded the housemaids without any hesitation.

I’m still your sister, Brother Carlos! Huhuhu.

What happened to my brother? He acts differently in here. He seems to be bossy right now?! He even treats the housemaids as if he is the one paying their salary.

Well, way back then when we used to have housemaids too, I was too young that time. That might be the reason why he is acting so bossy.

As what others always say, my brother inherited his trait of being mean to my father, while I got my kindness and lovable personality to my dearest mom.

Carlos, relax. Breath in, breath out!


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