Chapter 7 I can do this bro!

( Lily Charm POV's )

Then, I found myself standing in front of full body length mirror. After a little while they let me sit on a comfy chair. Someone’s doing my hair, while the other gets my body measurement.

They were all busy putting chemicals on my face. Make up, lipstick and all the vanity on face.

Getting bored? I just closed my eyes waiting for all of this to be over.

I feel an unexplainable terrify feeling that what we are doing is not right. Unexpected married isn’t right thing to do. Whatever reason it maybe this is still not acceptable.

“Well done.” I thought decades had passed waiting for my final look to be done.

As I open my eyes, I feel like in a fantasy movie. I haven’t recognized myself as I take a glance on the face reflected on the mirror. Is this me?

Ohhh! I can see my mom right now.

I tried to draw a smile on my lovely face. There is a problem....  I am now standing totally seeing the reflection of myself. I am sad.

Maybe because, we are going to deceive some people. And i'm not a fan of it. 

“Miss you have to wear this now.” as she let me look at the mesmerizing wedding gown.

It is beautiful. It was perfectly made for a real bride and I? I do not know if I deserve to wear it.

“Why are there so many beautiful things today?”

A very elegant and perfect wedding gown every lady could ever imagine to have.  

My heart skips a beat. I am so afraid and terrified. I can’t explain the feeling I have at this very moment.

Yes, this is a game.

Yeah. A game.

But is this really a game?

A game but in the eyes of the innocent, it is real. Then, marriage is a serious matter, it is sacred.

“Miss?” I shook my head trying to awaken my mind from wandering to this train of thoughts.

“No. I am not going to wear that.”  And one of the maids went out of the room.

I am so terrified. I am now shaking so I sit again.

It so suddenly... I just wake up in this morning, happy... then, darmatically change me in sadness. Sadness that I never met before. 

  And most of all this is not our game. This should stop. 

“Charm!” my brother. I looked up into his eyes. And I can’t take it because his eyes trying to convince me to… “Charm, please do it. Please cooperate us!”

“We are in hurry…” and he close his eyes. Trying to calm himself.

“But bro, this is no longer a game. Or a game that we will going to deceive someone, just for your boss?!” No need to hide the fact to him. He sighed with a serious and hopeless face as well. I can’t take seeing him like this. This also tears my heart apart.

“Charm. One question. One answer. Just respond, Yes or No.”

My heart trembles waiting for his question, and there it goes…

“Do you believe me?” He asked with eyes seeking my eyes for a acceptable answer.

“Brother…” the only word that came out of my mouth.

“Yes or no.”

“Yes, Of course I do trust and believe in you. But...” He cut again my words.

“You don’t have to worry Charm. I already heard the conditions. I thoroughly read the agreement. This will only last for five months. Then after that, it’s over. I am only asking you five months. I believe in you too Charm. You can do this. I promise I will never leave you. Or put your life at risk.” his eyes pleading to me… “You just have to give your trust on me.” He said convincingly as he explained that I really need to get into this. I really have to do this.

I looked at him as tears fall from my eyes as an answer. I could not do anything. I have to obey him. I know he is tired of me too. I know, all this time I have been so dependent on him.

“They pampered you well and where's the Charm I know? Have they lost it? My enthusiastic sister was gone? Cheer up. You’re so beautiful when you smile Charm. You must smile for me. Even without make up, you have the prettiest smile I have ever seen. And now, because of that make up, you will cry in front of me? What if we just remove your make up?”

He holds my hands tightly.

“I don’t want to see you like this Charm. If you don’t want it just say so…” I am staring at his face, seems to be giving up on me. I hold his hands as tight as I can. Telling myself I have to do this! Not just for him but for the sake of both of us.

“I can do this bro!” I answered with full courage and strength.

“That’s my Charm.” He said joyfully with a smile showing his relief from disappointment.

He let go of my hands.

“You can Charm!” he uttered these words as he wipe the tears on my face with his fingers.

“Smile Charm. You look like mom.” Then I gave him a big smile.

I know between the two of us, he is the most misses our parents more than I do and the lifestyle he used to live. But I really believe he’s the strongest person I have ever met. He did everything for the sake of me. He willingly accepted all the obligations and responsibilities of being a parent for me.

Brother, this made me the luckiest person anyone could ever wish for. Having you as my brother is my life, without you I am nothing.


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