Chapter 8 Your sister is troubling my servants.

( Lily Charm POV's )

He is all I have.

Our relatives forget about us when our business went bankrupt. And at this very moment, he’s the one needing me. I guess it is my time to pay him back. To give him back all he has given me all throughout my existence. I could never imagine saying no to him. I know he will never put me in a situation where I wouldn’t be safe.

Never. I trust him.

“I also want Juan Carlos smile too.” He smiled and pat my head.

“Don’t mention Juan, it sucks Charm.” And we both laughed.

It just seemed weird and historical why our names have “Juan and Maria.”

“There you go, you look so pretty.” My brother proudly said.

“I would like to thank this opportunity to thank you bro for everything.” I can’t think of any word to express how grateful I am and just give him a tight hug as if it was our last day of being together.

“Being your brother is the most wonderful responsibility I have fulfilled, and I am proud of it! Seeing you a fully grown up beautiful young lady is more than enough for me. Be a nice lady Charm.”  These words filled my heart with joy I have felt for the first time in my life. Having him as my brother is just fantastic in his own way.

See? He really felt being my full-time parents ever since.

He pinched my nose. 

“Follow them Charm.” He turned back and left the room.

Once again, I sighed. I really have to wear this wedding gown. Wish me luck.

The gown is elegant!  So you would be the most beautiful lady today, Charm.

Cheer up Charm, you can do this!

(Carlos POV’s)

I am just hoping I made a right decision for my sister’s future. I am too exhausted. I feel the numbness on my face. I can’t do anything to my upcoming fate. I am not yet ready to leave her since I know she has nowhere to go. Thinking no one will defend her, I can't just let go myself. She needs me. Even our relatives turn their back to us. They are useless. Tsk. 

My tears were falling from my eyes already when I saw my young sister. She looks exactly, Mom.

Honestly, I miss Mom and Dad. But sooner I will come to them and... leaving Lily behind us.... I shook my head. No. 


A face that always reminds me the moment I have with our loving mother.

Hoping… Before I leave this world, I can see her in a good state of life. Happy and stable. That would be my death wish. And I am peaceful to leave this world. I know this world is so unfair. Full of suffering. That I am not exception to experience all of this.

All I wish is that she will never experience the cruelty of this world. May she find comfort and lifelong happiness in this world.

Every time I open my eyes in the morning. I am thankful that the kind Lord give me an opportunity to secure my sister.  I secretly smile when everyday I heard her ramping and soaring noised. Her nuisance greetings were my indicator that I am still here in the world.

About this rushed wedding, this is only the way I could think to take advantage something that I don’t know. If I could just look for other ways to secure her, I wouldn’t let her involve in my boss game. But this is the only thing I could do.

I need to secure my sister as long as I still have time and life to live.

I don’t want to leave her alone. But life is so unfair. I really wanted to see having her own family and live a happy life. Even growing old with her is my ever dream. Hence, fate’s unkind. Of all the people who would have this kind of illness, why it has to me?  

Me, who still has many dreams and goals. But I gave up and focused on securing my younger sister  future.

“Charm, I know, you can do this. I will always be your number one fan and supporter; Your big brother Juan Carlos, so proud of you.”

And suddenly… I can’t breathe.

I immediately get my handkerchief. Cough silently… and reaching the bathroom as soon as possible. As I face the bathroom mirror, my lifeless face, trying to survive, greet me with sudden sadness. I shake my head, and there in the handkerchief, were much blood than usual.

My condition has worsened.

My breathing accelerated faster. I can’t control it… but please! Sh*t! Not now!

Please! I still want to see my sister for a little while until I make sure she’s in good hands. Let me secure my sister.

“Sir Carlos…” I stood up straight and pretended everything is fine. I didn’t face whoever called me. “I’ll follow later.” that’s what she wants, whoever she is. The bastard was looking for me.

I went to the basin. In hurry, I rapidly get the small container of my medicine, take my pills and breathe so deep.

Please God not now.

I lean on the wall for a little while. Control my breathing and calm my heart.

“Please let me help my sister first. Please.” my silent prayer before I walk to face our Boss.

And the servant open the door for me. 

There, he is eating his breakfast in bed. 

“Your sister is troubling my servants. She’s uncertain about her job.” He greeted me this word.

“I already talked to her.” avoiding his stare.

“She needs to play her role well. I don’t want her to be an additionalimplication of burden. You know me, Carlos.”

“She will do her part. You don’t need to worry.” I answered with assurance.

“Do you think so? Really Carlos?” then he sips his morning tea.  

“She will never. But Joeff, I mean Master Joeff.” He is my former friend, and he is no different to others to those who turn their back to us. “I would like to ask you something. I am asking this as her brother.” Damn. I sound pleading to him.  But…. sigh. I need to do this. “She’s all I have. She’s so precious to me. Please don’t hurt her.” the point is, I am really concern to my sister.


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