19. The Visit (I)


Ava didn’t wake until later that night. Bruce and Beck visited her before she suggested that Bruce take Beck home so they could rest properly and eat good food. They could come to see her the following day. Sara hadn’t been with them as Beck had told her since Ava didn’t know her she might not welcome her presence. Bruce had agreed, mentioning how wary of strangers Ava was.

Anna didn’t go to the house with them; to her it was pointless. She stayed and watched over Ava that night, recalling all that happened since the beginning of the week. Remembering her parents, she wondered if she’d ever see them again. She had promised to go back for them but doubted it now; unless that moment was a good time. But it wasn’t; there was a chance Annika could come back to torture Ava, so she remained in her position, staring at her sister but now thinking of her brother as she was certain her sister was safe now.

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