21. The True Story


Since Ava had been allegedly attacked by Annika, Beck had tried to be by her side as much as he could. That was impossible as Bruce wouldn’t let him to get close to her. Then there was the fact that guilt couldn’t let him show his face to her.

Why did Annika have to ruin his life? Her death should have been his chance of freedom. However, it imprisoned in the worse way he could ever imagine. He had finally found a woman he was sure he could love if they had the time to build their relationship and hopefully start life afresh with, but Annika’s haunting was going to cost him his chance at love and freedom.

Right after Dr. Bernard left Ava’s ward, after she’d discussed with him that she needed to be with her sister for an hour and didn’t want any disturbance, he lied beside her on her hospital bed, reading to her the novel Bruce had gotten for her from home.


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