22. The World Would Know


“Beck, wait!” Ava said, stopping him from leaving, which would haunt her for a very long time. She knew that people would say she was stupid for trying to be a hero, but she couldn’t help it; she loved helping people.

She stepped in front of Beck. “Don’t go.”

“Ava,” Bruce said, “don’t tell me you gave in to his sob story. That’s what guys do to get what they want.”

She glanced behind Beck, eyeing Bruce. “Bruce, shut up.”

She looked back at Beck. “Look, I’m still mad at you, but I can’t let you leave like this. I remember telling you I would help you start fresh; I’m not going back on my word. We’ll help you with the Annika situation.”

“We?” exclaimed Anna and Bruce.

“Yes, we,” she said firmly,

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