24. All Mine


She wanted to be with him at the moment, and yet she didn’t want that. She would seem desperate and weak if she ventured into his arms instead of strong and upset, which she was supposed to be.

Ava had tussled on the bed, over and over since she and Anna retired to bed, thinking of being with Beck just like those nights when Anna was missing. Then she thought of his soothing voice whenever he comforted her. She needed to hear that voice; she needed that assurance that by the following day she and her siblings would go back to their normal lives.

She got up, feeling that it was better she was yearning for him and not mad at him. After all, he had a good reason to have lied.

As she got to the door of his room, she felt a hand cover her nose and mouth while a sharp blade was placed at her neck. Before she could muffle or tug at the hand on her face, a man whispered, “Make a noise and you’re gone,” in her ears. Then

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