25. To Be Free


Ava, who was seated on the bed beside Beck, looked away from the dark sky through the window, glancing at him. Anna had said this was the room she slept in when she was brought for the ritual.

As Ava watched him take his rest after the fight with Annika, several thoughts ran through her mind: she wondered why the universe let her car stop at that point on the road. If they hadn’t stopped, she and Anna would be planning how much fun they’d have in the second and last week of their spring vacation.

She also thought that she wouldn’t have met Beck if they’d never been stranded. She knew she had only known him for a week but the effect he had on her has never been like any of the guys she had a crush on or dated. There was something special about him, she knew that, nonetheless she couldn’t tell what it was or why she was so attracted to him.

She was supposed to be upset with him for his deceit and his recent atroci

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Snenhlanhla Gasa
You’ve outdone yourself. Well done 👏

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