Chapter 3

I set my plan into motion that night, determined to provoke any form of reaction I could from VIktor. While I wasn't necessarily the most attractive girl in the world, I had some things working in my favor.

My raven colored hair cascaded down my back in waves, while my green eyes stood out against the contrast of my porcelain skin. I had nice curves and a full chest at my disposal.

I grabbed a pair of panties and a tanktop and slipped my clothes off as I headed to the bathroom. I quickly turned the shower on and waited impatiently for the hot water. A sigh escaped my lips as the hot water soothed my sore muscles.

I took my time in the shower, letting the hot water wash away my stress as much as it could.

Stepping out of the shower, I wrapped one of the towels around my body. I missed the shower mat with my foot and slid forward. A yelp of surprise came from my lips as I knocked into the sink. The glass cup on the edge fell to the floor and shattered.

"Shit." I mumbled, walking forward to pick up the pieces. I sucked in a sharp breath as one of the pieces pierced my foot, lodging itself in my flesh.

I groaned, "Oh come on." My blood began seeping into the white floor as I staggered.

I nearly fell over when the bathroom door was broken down. An aggressive and very sexy looking Viktor pounced into the room. He was leaned down in a crouch while his gold flecked eyes scanned the bathroom.

"Well that's one way to get his attention." Aela rolled her eyes.

I grumbled at her, "This was not part of my plan Aela."

Once he caught sight of me, his eyes flitted from me, to the blood and finally to the shattered glass. Realization came across his dark eyes as the golden flecks seemed to dissipate.

Even with the throbbing pain in my bleeding foot, I noticed how delectable Viktor looked. He must have been ready to fall asleep as he was wearing a black tanktop with some loose shorts. Unfortunately, his gloves were still in place along with his mask. His hair was even more tousled than usual.

I was having difficulty holding myself up. I was standing on one foot, with one hand clutching the wall and the other hand clutching my much too small towel.

Viktor approached me and I nearly shivered when his gloved hands came up under my armpits. As if I were a giant child, Viktor lifted me and set me down on the toilet. The place where he touched me felt warm and flushed.

Viktor turned and let his shoes crunch over the broken glass as he looked in the bathroom cabinet for something. He pulled out a first aid kit and came back over to me.

I reminded myself I wasn't too happy with him at the moment and tried to stand. His gloved hand shot out and pushed my shoulder down.

"Sit." His deep voice commanded, leaving no room for arguments.

I grumbled, trying to take the first aid kit from him. "I can do it myself."

I glared when he smacked my hand away, his charcoal colored eyes locked on my own.

"Isn't this what you wanted?" Aela smirked inside my head.

I rolled my eyes at her smug attitude, "Yes, but not with me impaled and bleeding."

"Just look down." Aela groaned.

I looked down at the towel that hardly covered my body and blushed. I gripped the towel tight around me with one hand. My breasts were pushed against my chest, looking ready to burst from the towel. The bottom of the towel just managed to cover my most sensitive area, but both of my legs were on complete display.

"Now make him look." Aela smirked, encouraging this behavior.

I sat quietly as Viktor pulled a couple of things from the first aid kit. With my Alpha healing the cut would be gone in a day or so, but I remained quiet anyway.

Viktor's dark eyes met my own and captivated me. I could've sworn there were flecks of other colors within his obsidian eyes, but I wasn't close enough to tell.

A squeak of surprise left my lips as Viktor pulled the shard of glass from my foot. His eyes hadn't left my own the entire time.

I sucked in a sharp breath as he poured some alcohol over the cut. It definitely looked worse than I had thought. It was much deeper, and would be a pain in the ass to walk on.

Viktor pulled out a long white bandage, but I stopped him.

"Let me get dressed first. You can wrap it out in the bedroom." I tried to keep my smirk hidden from my lips.

Viktor nodded once and left the bathroom, and I stifled a laugh as I looked at the splintered door.

I peeked out of the bathroom and grimaced as VIktor's back was turned to me, in an attempt to give me some privacy.

I let the towel fall to the floor over the broken shards of glass. I slipped on the tanktop and panties, grateful that I had picked a black lace pair.

The tanktop was short and left my bottom on full display. THe lace underwear covered most of my bottom, but you could easily see through them. The bottom and sides of my cheeks peeked from the underwear.

I grimaced at the sharp pain that came from the bottom of my foot, and tried to keep it off the carpet as much as possible. Viktor turned at the sound of me exiting the bathroom and I nearly groaned when his dark eyes remained locked on my face.

I was going to get him to notice me.

I limped over to one of my dressers and bent over to take a pair of shorts out. When I stood, I noticed Viktor had his back to me.

"You don't seem like the type of guy to be afraid of a half dressed girl." I rolled my eyes, keeping my voice steady and even. While I sounded calm, I was a quivering mess on the inside. His scent had already embedded itself in my room and swirled around my head teasingly.

My legs and bottom were almost bare, while my breasts pressed against the thin material of my tanktop. I never wore a bra to bed, so my nipples hardened slightly against the scratchy material of my tanktop.

Viktor turned to face me and raised his eyebrow, once again choosing to remain quiet.

"Look down, Viktor." I couldn't keep the smirk from my lips this time. I felt the corner of my mouth turn up as I looked into Viktor's eyes. I silently dared him, hoping he wouldn't be able to resist the bait. Everything about him screamed primal and dominant, he wouldn't like if a little girl challenged him.

I knew it was a dangerous game I was playing. Taunting and tempting a wolf that exuded that much power, but I couldn't force myself to care. I felt safe with Viktor around, and I couldn't fathom him actually hurting me. The few times he actually touched me were light and almost gentle.

"Smart, smart." Aela smirked, silently challenging him as well.

I could feel my eyes slowly change colors as I smirked at my dangerous bodyguard. I felt like I was taunting a wild animal, dangling irresistible bait in front of its nose.

Complete warmth spread through me as his dark eyes trailed down my body slowly. Satisfaction and excitement flooded my veins at the slow trail his eyes made down my body.

His eyes left a trail of heat on my skin as they roamed down every inch of my body. Once he reached my feet his eyes closed. Once they reopened, his eyes were locked on my face once again. The only difference was his eyes had large flecks of gold swirling within them.

"That wasn't so hard was it?" I smirked, plopping my bottom on the bed and extending my foot towards him.

Aela and I both knew this was a start. We caused a chip in his metaphorical coat of armor, and I knew next time he wouldn't put up such a fight.

His eyes remained emotionless, that small flicker of something hidden deep within them. Viktor crouched down and took my foot in his gloved hand.

I tried not to wince as he wrapped the bandage tightly around my foot. His eyes only left my own for a split second, flickering down to my bandaged foot.

For the second time, I got lost in the golden flecks in his piercing gaze and absentmindedly ran my tongue over my lips. Aela was conjuring all forms of thoughts about our mysterious body guard, and I found myself being pulled into them. While her graphic thoughts included much more than lingering gazes, I couldn't tear myself away. I'm not saying I wanted to just jump into bed with the man, but I'm also not saying I wasn't tempted.

"Thank you, Viktor." His name rolled from my lips in almost a purr and I decided to leave him with a parting gift. I pulled my legs onto the bed and turned on my stomach. With my lace covered bottom facing Viktor, I crawled across the bed slowly and slipped under the covers.

Before I could turn and catch his gaze, the adjoining door on the far wall slammed.

"Got him." Aela's purr slithered and curled through my head.

I went to bed that night with a smug grin, and for once I didn't have a single nightmare.

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