Chapter 9

I got ready for bed that night feeling more emotions than I thought humanly possible.

Most of those emotions revolved around my god-like body guard and not the attempt on my life.

What was so important about his identity that he couldn't just tell me? Was he worried I'd be scared? I had already seen him brutally murder four men. I wasn't sure he could get worse than that. And yet I couldn't shake the way I felt about him. He was alluring, comforting, and distant all at the same time.

Most of my emotions stemmed from the massive guilt I was feeling. I had a mate somewhere out in the world, and here I was teasing and pursuing my deadly body guard.

I couldn't help it though. The minute I chose to tease Viktor, it had been like jumping on a roller coaster at full speed. It was dangerous and I may not survive it, but I couldn't get off the ride no matter how much I wanted to.

My attraction towards Viktor was intoxicating, but I felt like I was cheating
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Keisha Greatly Bless
I really don’t understand how they tried to kill her and she goes home and say nothing to father
goodnovel comment avatar
Kelly Glenn
I really like the book. I'm being cautious that I don't want to spend a lot of money though
goodnovel comment avatar
Amy Joelson
This sentence contradicts the next sentence.

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