Chapter 12

I laid awake until one or two in the morning wrestling with my own nerves.

I was in a battle with myself on what I was about to do. My mind had been made up, but that didn't stop my conscience from arguing with me.

My idea was downright stupid, and if Viktor wasn't my bodyguard I was sure he'd end my life the second he found out what I did.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Aela asked me.

I rolled my eyes at her, "You were all for it hours ago."

"I'm still all for it. However, I'm not interested in dying yet. I refuse to let you die a virgin." Aela shook her head and I scoffed.

"I'm going through with this. Hopefully we live to tell the tale." I shrugged.

I slipped out of bed as quietly as possible, knowing his hearing could definitely extend to my room as well.

I tiptoed across my floor like my life depended

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Gia Reynolds
He has to be her mate if not I’ll stop reading
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Nardlyn Alexander
how are you
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MyAngels ShaneNatalie
the thing you want to continue reading and your out of coins its so frustrating....

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