Chapter 13

The days ticked by slowly and my birthday grew closer and closer.

Viktor did what he could to avoid me, and I reluctantly did the same. Yet that didn't change the fact that our entire relationship had shifted. I could feel it in the air and in his lingering gazes.

He had always stared at me before, but no one else noticed the spark hidden in his obsidian eyes. I could feel his gaze on me when my back was turned and it ignited feelings that I had tried to keep hidden.

I couldn't deny how much I wanted him, and he could no longer pretend to be ignorant. It was clear, he wanted me as bad as I wanted him.

I walked up to the gazebo with Viktor following behind me. The hair on the back of my neck seemed to constantly raise under his dark eyes.

Shannon and Caroline sat at the gazebo waiting for me.

These past few days had been quite hectic and busy. My birthday gala was happen

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Lourdes Marrero
somehow Caroline i don't like her!!
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Catherine Greene
Not sure why but I feel like her Uncle & Caroline are up to something.

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