Chapter 16


One Year Ago

I was traveling through the kingdom undetected when I first set eyes on her.

My profession, if you would call it that, had me traveling the world many times over.

She was my latest mark.

I hid in brush of the forest, camouflaged by it's density.

Her green eyes were wide with innocence and joy.

What kind of monster would put out a hit on a child?

I reminded myself, this wasn't any ordinary child.

This was the sole child of Damon and Lilliana Adair.

The innocent, green eyed beauty with a large bounty on her head would someday rule the largest Lycan Kingdom in existence.

Unless I finished the job I was hired to complete.

"A very rich monster." My wolf Hades, reminded me.

Her green eyes sparkled under the bright afternoon sun, her plush lips turning up in a smile as she gazed at a woman nearly identical to herself.

The woman w
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Annette Morris
85 coins...️… daaaaamn where am I gonna get that?
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Juniper Riddle
nope. not paying that much for one chapter. it was bad enough when they were in the 30's but 85 is unreasonable. I'm done spending so much for these books. I'll just get books from a bookstore where I only have to pay once.
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why is the next chapter 85 ......I hope it's super long to justify the cost

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