Chapter 18

Somehow I managed to get a moment of time to myself.

I stayed in the ballroom but traveled closer to one of the arched windows. The red velvet curtains helped in shielding me from some of the guests.

I simply needed a moment to breathe and collect my thoughts. Playing a ditsy, carefree princess wasn't my ideal role.

"You're playing a dangerous game." Viktor's thick accent filled my ears.

I turned my head and looked into his dark eyes. Knowledge flashed deep within them, and I reminded myself that I didn't truly know Viktor.

"The game was started long before I was born, it's about time I joined. Don't you think?" I frowned at him.

It was no secret most Royal's did what they could to attain and maintain power. There were loads of scandals throughout my lifetime. Children from affairs, political schemes, even vague death's.

Being a Royal was a game of cunning. Knowing who to trust and playing your cards right,
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Where is Shannon?
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James Wells
Vic is hired to kill her. But he will end up being her mate after her Father and friends are dead. Vic will protect her after accidentally exposing his un-gloved ūüĎč
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Jessica Shenandoah
i hate that this chapter cost 85 coins

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