Chapter 46

The decision I made hit me like a ton of bricks once Viktor and I were finished. I had thrown another kink into our plans, but I couldn’t bring myself to regret anything.

Viktor and I were mates, why shouldn’t I complete the process with him? I refused to let Uncle Jaspar, Nikolai Aslanov or anyone else scare me away from being with my mate. Sooner or later the truth would have surfaced.

Those who knew my scent would be able to smell I had completed the mating process. Only those familiar with Viktor’s scent would know who my mate was.

“Little Princess.” Viktor frowned; his dark eyes were burning into my face.

I realized I had gone silent, lost in my own thoughts as I slipped the clothes onto my body.

The mate bond between Viktor and I was much stronger now. I couldn’t hear his thoughts or see his memories, but I picked up more emotion from him than I had in the past.

Viktor was worried, worried I regrette

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Leah Bode
That was so dumb. Nikolai will be able to tell from the scent right away

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