Chapter 47

I wasn’t surprised that Elena couldn’t smell my change in scent when she walked into my bedroom. My room had smelled like Viktor ever since he left. The smell had begun to fade, its intensity rising as I used Viktor’s body wash in my baths.

My Dad had called everyone into the living room, Shannon and I included. Each Royal was present followed by, Uncle Jaspar, Dad, Shannon and me.

Bryton Duboi gave me a hard look, one that held just a fraction of sympathy. Geoff Halifax looked haunted, like a Father who had lost his only son. Elena was playing the part of grieving Mother, not daring to show her real face in front of my Dad. Even Annalise Halifax had her own mask of sadness, though not nearly as convincing as her Mother.

My heart hammered in my chest. I stood off to the side with Shannon, hoping my scent wouldn’t waft around the room. There were already many scents lingering to begin with, hopefully masking my own for the time being.

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Gia Reynolds
Oh Bella you forget that Nikolai will know his brother’s scent and will through you for a loop
goodnovel comment avatar
Kim Mills
Didn’t she say they had brought in a bed for Shannon? Also what ever happened about the note to meet in the garden-the one where she cut her finger? Love this story just wanting to help with the details lining up.

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