Chapter 49

Arabella’s P.o.v

I let Viktor’s voice lull me to sleep, staying connected to him until the darkness had taken me over.

‘Goodnight, little Princess.’ Viktor murmured, the last thing I heard before sleep claimed me.

I shot up in bed as my Dad’s voice flooded through my mind.

‘Bella, are you awake?’ Dad’s voice rang out.

‘I am now.’ I grumbled, wiping the sleep from my eyes. Shannon was still curled up on the couch, only her mess of curls visible from underneath the blanket.

‘Geoff Halifax has decided to hold a funeral pyre for his son.’ My Dad informed me, ‘This should be easy enough to complete. We will be holding it tomorrow night. The Royal’s will stay leave after its completion.’

‘And are we prepared for our dinner tonight.’ I winced at the harsh light streaming through my curtains.

‘Everything is prepared.’ Dad n

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Gia Reynolds
How do you wrap this up in four chapters? I hope the ending doesn’t get rushed. 
goodnovel comment avatar
Gia Reynolds
Not so sure was a good idea for her to wear the necklace. She should’ve asked her uncle for the necklace first and when he said that it got stolen or lost then she could’ve worn it to dinner to prove she gave him the fake. 
goodnovel comment avatar
Wouldn’t Nikolai notice the necklace, since he supposedly bought it?

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