Chapter 3 : Forceful Agreement

Faith usually did not pay attention to gosspis and rarely had her own opinions when it came to anything related to pack and politics. However, it was hard not to know that your pack is at the verge of being a joke among the whole of southern region because the Alpha couldn't keep it in his pants and lost his mate. 

Alpha Rigie was famous not only because he was the pack leader, an Alpha, but also because of the recent passing of his mate. Rumours flew like conffetti when she was found in her bedroom hanging from the ceiling fan. 

For a werewolf it was hard to commit suicide as their wolf never allowed it unless their other half died and if anyone went to great lengths to actually do something like this then it was a serious problem. Everyone immediately pointed fingers at the Alpha who never gave Luna Juliana the love she deserved and hence concluded that she died because of him. 

Faith was not an opinionated person. But even she knew that rumours and gossips have some amount of truth in them. So when she saw Alpha Rigie in her living room, smirking at her, she thought of worst case scenarios as to why he would be here. 

"Alpha." She bowed her head down and greeted him and then she turned to Dea and Joseph for an answer as to why Alpha Rigie was at their home. 

"Take a seat Faith." Joseph said in a strict tone which was hard to go against. Quietly Faith moved to a single recliner chair that was unoccupied and sat there waiting for someone to speak.

"Hello Faith. I don't think we have met before." Alpha Rigie said gracefully sticking his arm out for Faith to shake his hand. 

"I don't think we have, Alpha Rigie." She answered. 

'And I was happy until today that we didn't.' she thought to herself and took his hand in a very light handshake using only the length of her fingers. 

Truly Faith had never personally met the Alpha. Considering that she was the youngest sister of the beta, many would assume she had met him many times. But all she got was a few looks at him during his pack tours or a few general meetings with the pack members. And Faith never made herself obvious in the crowd either. 

"Alpha Rigie is here to give you a very important opportunity to represent our pack along with him." Dea said smiling at the young Alpha, a subtle dim in her smile when she looked at Faith was unnoticed by everyone, "You should take it." 

Faith recognised a hint of warning in her tone, saying that she had to take it even if they asked the last drop of her blood. 

"W - What is it?" She asked softly, looking down at her knees. She gulped in anticipation. Anything that the Alpha had to personally come for was bound to be important. Faith was not sure if they chose the right person for it. 

"As everyone knows, Julian's passing has affected the pack a lot." Alpha Rigie started remorsefully. Faith thought that he should be dying in pain of loosing his mate, yet he talked about her death as if she was a mere relative and not the other half of his soul. 

Faith's family lowered their eyes for a moment as well, showing their sadness of their Luna's passing not long ago. 

"The power that our pack holds now is nothing compared to what he had before. Juliana's death had impacted me and out whole pack severely. A pack not only needs a strong male to lead but also an equally fierce female leader to keep it together. Ever since our pack lost it's Luna, we have become a topic of many conversations, they think that we have lost one of our wheels." 

'And it's true, isn't it?' Faith wanted to add. Luna Juliana was one of the best Luna's in the Southern part. She held herself with such grace that anyone who saw her would want to bow to her. Unfortunately, the Alpha himself couldn't see the diamond in his palm and threw it away like a shard of glass.

"However, we have a chance to prove them wrong this time." Alpha Rigie turned to Faith for the first time since he started explaining everything. "We are invited to the semester gala of Alpha's. And that's where you come in Faith." 

Faith bit the inside of her cheeks, unconsciously her eyes widen and her lips puckered. That was her natual look when she was confused and flustered at the same time. Each and every pair of eyes turned to look at Faith. Her cheeks warmed up a little and she shrunk back in the recliner chair. 

"How?" She asked in a small voice. 

"Why, you will go with me to the gala." Alpha Rigie stated with a charming smile. 

"What?" Faith couldn't help but say out loud. Shock was evident on her face. Her wide eyes immediately flew to Dea who was frowning at her and commanding her through her eyes to listen and not say anything. Faith was hesitant but she complied. She didn't know why she was being made the bait here. 

"I am not qualified though." She said fumbling with her words. She pressed her right thumb over the other, hard. Her nail turned white instantly and started to grow into a dark purple. 

"But you are beautiful." Alpha Rigie defended instantly. He composed himself and cleared his throat before continuing, "You are the most beautiful she wolf in out pack. If you go there and attentwnd with me, an everlasting impression of our pack will be created in other Alpha's mind. And I know you are not weak either. You are a decent fighter and a very good candidate to go to the Gala with me." Alpha Rigie said. He shifted his gaze from Faith to Dea, as if he knew that Dea could get Faith tk say yes. 

Getting his messages, Dea stood up and took Faith's arm. Faith stood up and followed Dea without saying anything. Dea took her to the kitchen from where no one could hear her. It was of no use anyway, werewolf hearing could be used to hear them no matter which part of the house they go to. 

"Mom -" Faith started but she was harshly cut off by Dea. Dea grabbed her arm tighly, digging her fingers into her delicate skin. 

"Listen here. I don't care if you want to go or not. You have to say Yes and accompany Alpha to the Gala." Dea said in a commanding tone. Faith looked at Dea's hand holding her arm and winced in pain. 

"But Mom, Alpha's are supposed to take their Luna's to the Gala, or their beta. I am neither of those. What will people think? What will other Alpha's think?" She asked innocently, her face twisted into a pain induced frown. Those were her honest questions which Dea took as a protest and twisted her arm harshly. 

"That is the Alpha's concern not ours. He is supposed to think about those things. We have to benefit from it as long as we can. By going with him, you will be helping Brandon maintain his good relations with him. If you refuse then Brandon and Alpha Rigie won't be as close anymore. Their Alpha and Beta relation won't do us any good!" Dea hissed at faith's face. 

"Mom! It's hurting." Faith cried but not too loud, fearing someone would hear her. 

"If it's hurting then do as I say. Remember to say Yes when he asks you. Don't you dare mumble another word in front of him." Dea threw ger hand away and gave her a scary glare before stalking out of the kitchen. Faith rubbed her arm a little which was slowly bruising into an ugly purple abd blue shade. 

She walked behind Dea with her head bowed. 

"Well? What did you decide?" Alpha Rigie asked smiling. Faith knew that he heard every word exchanged between Dea and her, and the relaxed smile angered Faith a lot. Yet when he asked she only had one reply to give. 

"I am honoured that you chose me for this occasion, Alpha Rigie. I will try my very best to not disappoint you in any way." She bowed down low in submission to hide the hot moisture collecting on her eyes. 

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