Chapter 11 : Fatal Pride Of Man And Wolf

Faith had little time to take in all the beauty of the marble like walls of the mansion. Alpha Rigie's pace was much faster than her and to catch up faith had to brisk walk. The guards that were in the other car were also with then. The driver was not with them though. 

"Alpha, do you think Luna Rita will show up this year as well?" One of the guards asked to Alpha Rigie. Faith was following close behind so she heard them talk. 

Faith had heard of Luna Rita as much as any other person in their pack. She was the mate of Alpha Drake in the northern Region, York to be precise. The famous Luna of York, as pretty as porcelain. She was as delicate and fragile as she looked. 

Alpha Drake got the Alpha title because Luna Rita had too much of a scared personality to be ruling as an Alpha. The previous Alpha (Rita's father) was worried about the pack's future with her in the leadership as Luna. But fortunately Alpha Drake came

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