Chapter 15 : Shopping With The Lunas

Luna Gia and Luna Rita were enthusiastic shoppers and very different from Faith. Both Luna's were surprisingly in sync when it came to the selection of stores. 

"This mall is better than the one in our pack. There aren't nearly as many stores back home." Luna Gia said as she walked around with Faith and Rita. 

"It feel luxurious, doesn't it?" Rita said. 

Faith nodded in agreement. It did feel luxurious. There was a huge chandelier at the top and the decorations were over the top. It looked like a fun place to have fun at. 

Faith didn't have to worry about getting lost or not knowing what to do because the two Luna's were more than enough to guid her through it all. Gia and Rita went to different stores and dragged Faith along. 

"I am more excited to shop for you Faith. You are so pretty that anything will look good as long as you wear it!" Gia excitedly dragged Rita and Faith along into an accessories store. 

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