Chapter 17 : Get Ready For The Gala

The day of the gala arrived soon. During the day the main hall where the gala was supposed to take place was being decorated and the invited guests were taking their time getting ready. 

Early in the morning Faith was abducted for her room by Luna Rita and Luna Gia. The sun had just appeared but the entire place was bustling with people. Everyone woke up early to make themselves as presentable as possible. 

"Wash your face with this and then apply this." Luna Gia handed her two small tubes and pointed to each one. One was a cleanser and the other was a face mask. 

"But I don't use these. I have brought my own face wash and moisturizer." Faith said. 

Luna Gia and Luna Rita exchange a look with each other, doesn't use these and still has better skin. The world was really unfair. 

"Use it, I am sure you will be glowing tonight." Luna Rita insisted, "The gala is not just about the party and fun, there will be more than a hundre

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