Chapter 19 : Back Home

Dinner was much more comfortable with Luna Rita and Luna Gia. It was filled with gossips and good food, it was Faith's favourite part about the gala. Other than that the entire thing was a bit boring. She wondered if all luxurious parties were like this? Why do people even want to attend something like this? 

The gala ended around midnight with everyone's belly full and barely avoided fudes among a few Alpha's. The staff that were responsible for safety and peace were at work all night. Whenever a little disagreement broke out, they would come out of nowhere and resolve the misunderstanding. 

It was inevitable to have a few angry or dissatisfied Alpha's when so many of them gather in one place. Faith could feel the tension in the atmosphere before the end of the Gala. 

The so called gala that she was forced to attend had finally come to an end. Faith couldn't wait to go back and join work. She missed so many ice skating classes.... 


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Irene Cleary Haslett
how much longer till you update your story as waiting for your updates on the story is like forever between the updates. love this story a lot......

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