Chapter 20 : Choices

Faith had a complicated relationship with each one of her family members. There were too many of them and neither treated her well enough to actually be called a family. 

Dea, despite being their mother,  especially treated Faith as if she was not a part of them. There were so many things faith wanted to change about her family. 

Especially at times like these when all of them gathered around to interrogate her. It made her feel suffocated and anxious. She was mildly afraid, and sometimes horrified with the way Dea treated her if she said something wrong. 

"How was the Gala?" Dea asked. Faith stood in front of the family in the living room and recited everything that happened. 

She changed up a few thing, like the fact that she truly enjoyed herself with the Luna's. She made it seem like she had to go along with them because she didn't want to disturb Alpha Rigie. Other than that everything else was kept the same. 


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Irene Cleary Haslett
more chapters plz and loving this story and can't wait for your updates......

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