Chapter 13 : Running Into The Woods.

Faith swiddled her thumbs together, her toes bounced up and down and her butt was firmly perched on the bed. Every muscle in her body read that she was nervous beyond help. 

She had left the lounge area after the plans for tomorrow had been made, and started chewing on her lip. What now?

Faith has never been to an outing before!

It was truly a fascinating idea to be out with known people, to spend time with them doing fun stuff and eat good food, bit Faith never did that before. She has no experience in having fun with someone! 

At most, Faith had accompanied Ivan and Yulia to arcades and then continued to spend all her free time in the ice rink. Ice was what made Faith the happiest, cold air and warm breaths were magical to her. 

Outings with friends were a dream. Heck, Faith didn't even have any friends except for Ivan and Yulia! Her siblings were out of question

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Darlene F
Will this book ever be updated? If this is the end, it's so very disappointing.
goodnovel comment avatar
Angelica Nicole Jo
What in the H. E. Double Hockey Sticks is this BS? IT'S OVER???? UGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Diann Sharp
How is this the end? It's a really good book but it is incomplete. Are you going to finish it?

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