Chapter 10

*Disclaimer - Some Mature Content is present in this Chapter.*

I picked Claire up from her home, refusing my Beta's offer to do the task for me. My wolf was anxious at the thought of seeing her again, especially after what had almost happened last night. All through the night my wolf plagued me with thoughts of this little creature. I couldn't seem to wrap my head around how she could possibly be a wolf. When you looked at her you saw this small, fragile little thing. 

My wolf growled possessively as he laid eyes on the boy sitting much too close to our little mate. He growled, wondering how he had the audacity to sit so close to my mate of all people. The love in his eyes for my little mate was clear, but when I looked into her own I could see she hadn't felt the same, if she even acknowledged the feelings at all. 

I watched as Claire trudged outside, towing her luggage behind her. I felt a small amount of amusement watching this litt

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Katherine Kendrick
Need to make the chapters a little cheaper so we can read more!!! This book is AWSOME IT HAS MU FILL ATTENTION AND I HATE THAT I HAVE TO WAIT TO GO TO THE CHAPTER!!!!!
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Beverly Stewart
the story seems to moving on. not dragging out. that's a good thing.
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Marry Jane Loveingyou
Omg soooo good

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