Chapter 11

*Claire's P.O.V*

We sat in silence for the next few hours. I was doing everything I could to silence my wolf's perverted thoughts. I couldn't help but find them equally tempting as well. I couldn't stand how the mate bond made me act. I had just met this man last night and I was already willing to crawl into his bed. 

Something had to change. I wasn't sure how long I would last until I finally caved in.

I pushed any thoughts about Alpha Killian out of my head and tried my best to think of anything else. I wondered what Hazel's mate was like, what she might be doing at this time. I wondered where Brandon's mate could possibly be and why he hadn't found her at the ball.

My thoughts consumed me for awhile, and I had hardly noticed as we hopped on an exit from the highway.

"Are we here?" I asked softly, not daring to turn my eyes to Alpha Killian. I didn't want to deal with the feelings his silver gaze would provoke, and my wolf w

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Janice Choate
Loving this story.
goodnovel comment avatar
KILLIAN-CLAIRE. Love this book; author has taken time to share both POVs. The battle internally between the mates.
goodnovel comment avatar
KILLIAN-CLAIRE. They are both fighting keeping them walls up. I hope they start to talk and get to know each other.

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