Chapter 16

*Claire's p.o.v*

From the second my eyes opened my head began to split. I didn't dare open my eyes, the last thing I needed was the sun enhancing my miserable headache.

I let my mind wander, trying to place last nights events. While my memory was unusually foggy, I did remember being invited to dinner with Kira and Travis. Step by step, I tried to go through the events that led me to where I was now. I could easily remember sitting at the round table with Kira and Travis, a strange fruity liquid sloshing in a glass as I brought it to my lips. Everything after that became incredibly fuzzy. My splitting headache made it harder to think, shrouding my memories like a blurry picture.

I found myself remembering flashes of different faces, and for some reason Alpha Killian's was brought into the mix. His expression wasn't what I remembered, his features looked soft somehow. His silver eyes glinted in amusement as his lips pulled

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Comments (35)
goodnovel comment avatar
(Killian-Claire). Her past won’t let her go and she can’t let it go. Killian is trying after all the awful things he said and did. Claire needs help but not willing to try. I hope she doesn’t run.
goodnovel comment avatar
Tay Day
I'm guessing Rhea is a short nickname for Sierra. I don't think it is needed. Her attitude is also to all over the place. Confused drama is a little irritating.
goodnovel comment avatar
Elizabeth Parker
Why did Claire’s wolf’s name change from Sierra to Rhea??

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