Chapter 18

The smell of sunblock hung in the air, a telltale sign that summer was in full effect. The sounds of teens splashing in the cool water could be heard, along with the sound of laughter and chatter.

Summer was finally here, and I found myself excited to spend it with some human friend's I had made from school.

I slung my beach bag over my shoulder, feeling relieved that I had remembered to pack a towel and some water. Beer and other fruity drinks could be smelled with the passing breeze.

I turned to a pretty blonde girl, Maria. I had met her only two months prior, becoming friends instantaneously. Brandon and Hazel came to the forefront of my mind. I could've invited them, but I didn't.

Maria was one of the more popular girls at school, and I felt lucky to have been the target of her friendship. Brandon had graduated already, and Hazel happened to be home schooled. I h

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Comments (22)
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Janice Choate
Hunters like that need to be turned into Eunuchs....
goodnovel comment avatar
(Killian-Claire). I hope they got those assholes and killed them.
goodnovel comment avatar
Zarabeth Kitten lover
The author forgot the name of her heroine’s wolf.

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