Chapter 44

"The only one dying here is you." He spat, and pulled the trigger.

Everything felt as though it were moving in slow motion. I could see the bullet heading for my face, spiraling as it planned my death.

"He's never going to hurt us again." Sierra's voice was clear as a bell.

I could feel Sierra take the reigns as I ducked to the side. I could feel the air part around the bullet as it missed me by inches. A look of fury formed on Damien's face as he raised the gun, his aim once again on me. Damien's miscalculation was thinking he was faster than a werewolf. That miscalculation would cost him his life. Just as the small explosion emerged from the gun, I ducked towards the ground and rolled towards him.

Damien didn't move in time, and he struggled to stand.

Before he could lift his bottom from the ground, a single one of my elongated nails grazed his throat.

Not enough to tear it out, but enough to nick his artery.

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(Killian-Claire). LOVE THIS BOOK! Wow - so many villains, hiding and known. Loved it. Yay! Great job author.
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Kawana Scott
So I read Alpha Asher first! Knew nothing about Alpha Killian until today! Finished Alpha Killian today! I think I love both of the Alphas! Lola is so much like Claire!
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I loved this story just amazing thank you for taking the time to write it ...
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