Breaking the Eye wall is now available on Amazon. Com along with the rest of the series. Across the desk and weathering the storm are also there.

if you have just joined and read this book or have been here from the beginning it has been a ride to write these three stories. I absolutely did not plan for this or them to be what they turned out to be. Across the desk was supposed to be an erotic book that took a nasty turn and thr Insanity series was born. 

Max and Deanna have become a major part of me now. They will be back in the next book of the nightmare series.

the Nightmare vegins is the first of that series and is coming in December 2020 to Goodnovel. Some of it is already posted. This is the beginning of Mitsuhide and Kit's story who we met in the Breaking. 

I hope you have enjoyed all the books int the firat series and will join me for the Nightmare one...


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I’m so excited!!! Can’t wait to go buy them. They were great books and definitely will go check out your other books too! Congratulations on publishing them.
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