Book 2 Chapter 41

Alma’s words had successfully shocked both Scarlett and I into silence for a long moment. Hawk was not just the Alpha’s son but was also the next in line to take over his pack.

“How sure is he that this witch is his destined mate?” Scarlett finally gasped out, breaking the tense silence we had been locked in.

“He is sure enough that he would lay his own life down for hers.” Alma practically whispers back. I can see that this is sitting heavy on her heart and mind.

Seeing her obvious discomfort spurred me into action. “Well then I hope to be celebrating their mating ceremony soon. As I said before Luna Alma you will find that we have no issues with Viola, or your pack. I am actually hoping that this will help strengthen our bonds, and we would welcome her with open arms here.”

A smile broke out upon Alma’s face at my words. “Luna Daphne you cannot possibly fathom how much I appreciate your kind wo

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If I would have read these comments sooner I would have never read this book… it’s a shame the author isn’t updating or intending on finishing this book, very good plot with lots of twists. Very disappointed that I wasted time and money on this.
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Helen F Rayford
Author why did you not finish this book?
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Toni Dunn
well how many months has it been now 8 i think
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