Chapter Six

Daphne’s Point of View

After the altercation with Heather I had cleaned up the dining room. I carefully avoided all contact with not only my pack, but the visiting pack members as well. As soon as I had the dining room cleaned up, I washed up the dishes and retreated to my room. Everyone else was busy worrying about the visiting pack. I just wanted to disappear.

The next morning my throat was still sore and a little scratchy from where Heather had choked me. Checking the mirror, I can see that the bruises were already fading from sight. Since I love to shift every morning and go for a run my healing abilities are pretty good. Being a werewolf means that we heal relatively quickly, but if you do not regularly shift your healing abilities can be hindered.

Heading out the back door I was extra careful to be quiet this morning. Since we are rarely visited by other packs I do not know if th

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Belgene Jules
it to short but can't wait to continue reading
goodnovel comment avatar
Paula Fritsche
You should at least make it free to read then let the people buy it for their own, I like stories, it just hard to keep paying for the characters when I want the whole book
goodnovel comment avatar
Liking the story but chapters too short and costly

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