Chapter Seven

Caleb’s Point of View

I take my time returning to my clothes. My mind keeps returning to the wolf girl I seen at the river. I know every wolf in my pack, including the pups. She did not belong to my pack, and she is not a rogue so she must belong to the Silver Moon pack. I am smiling as I shift back into my human form and throw my sweatpants and shoes back on. I can not wait to speak to Theo.

Bounding back up to the second floor of the manor I am glad that me and Theo are roomed right next to each other. I do not even knock on his door; I just burst in and find that he is in the adjoining shower. I am pacing back and forth in his room trying to be patient as he finishes. For a moment I considered mind linking him and telling him to hurry up. Even my wolf is anxious to share the encounter with the beautiful wolf girl in the woods.

Finally, I hear the shower turn off
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goodnovel comment avatar
I noticed that some of the comments are from a year ago and this story is still ongoing. A testament that this writer is very slow to update. I’ve decided to stop here until this story is completed before I invest my time and money. PEACE OUT !!
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Crentha Brannon
Love this book so for. Wish the chapters were longer
goodnovel comment avatar
Has the author either A: Learned that to keep loyal readers, you need to listen to everyone and make her chapters longer or B: Thought "Hey.... Since my chapters are so damn short, I will not charge soon much per chapter, which will help keep readers loyal to me. " Just saying...

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