Chapter Twelve

Daphne’s Point of View

So far today I had done a great job staying out of everyone’s way and avoiding any conflict. After leaving the meeting hall I retreated to my room, but on the back stairs once again was that smell. I was intrigued, but I know that if I went snooping there was a great risk of getting punished. Today was one of the rare days that no one has hit me so far. I desperately wanted to pull out my book and read a few chapters, but the house was still bustling with people getting ready and more people arriving. I was too afraid that someone would catch me, and then they would take my book.

I peaked out my window and watched the Mission pack arrive. I knew Alpha Jerome, and his Luna. They had visited our pack before. At one point I know that Alpha Jerome had hoped that my sister Scarlet was his son’s mate. To his disappointment they were not; however, one of his best warriors found his

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Trish Chow
it is a nice story but the chapters are too short
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The chapters are sooo short and so much coins for the next one ...
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So short!!!

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