Chapter Thirteen

Caleb’s Point of View

I was pacing around my room, waiting for Theo to come back and let me know if Alpha Jason had agreed to a sit down. I wanted this business to be over quickly, and I am sure that I can persuade them to sell the slave girl. I have already decided that even if I find my mate tonight, that my pack will be leaving early tomorrow morning. Like Theo I do not like being around a pack that owns slaves. I am also having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that the Alpha and Luna were so blinded by grief that they condemned their daughter to servitude. 

My parents were loving parents. My father was patient with me, and even though he was the Alpha he always spent adequate time with me. I remember when I was about four, I snuck into the training grounds where my father was training our warriors. He immediately spotted me, and I expected to be tol

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Patricia Vandenbosch
interesting book, but spending this too much coins hell nooo! why is it so much coins to spend on this book? offer some free chapters. too ...
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Delmonica James
Interesting read. But not worth spending 33coins here, 53 coins there. This is ridiculous. Not worth the read although I was enjoying the book
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Me waiting for coins to magically appear

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