Mine Forever
Mine Forever
Author: Symplyayisha

Chapter One

Vanessa Maddox was zipping up Sophie's backpack when a familiar voice came through. "I'm done cleaning the room you requested. You can go check it now. And if anything isn't properly done, just let me know so I'll fix it."

Vee picked up the backpack and turned to the direction of the voice. "Thank you, Maddie. I'll inspect the room once I'm done with Mrs Matthews." The middle-aged maid nodded, then took her leave.

Vanessa sighed. She scanned through the playroom one more time to see if there was anything that She was forgetting to put in Sophie's bag. Satisfied that she had kept all essentials into the little girl's backpack, She exited the adjoined playroom which led to Sophie's room. The room was every little child's dream room. It had all that a five-year-old could ever want and was decorated with beautiful furniture. Vanessa switched off the TV, then helped herself out of Sophie's room.

She finally found her boss, Eve Matthews, and grandniece, Sophie, in the second living room downstairs. They were both seated and laughing at Sophie's silly joke.

"Do I have to go home today? I can stay till next week. My mommy always listens to you. She will say YES if you tell her you want me to stay till next week." Sophie pouted. Sometimes, the little girl behaves like an adult, making people wonder if she was truly her age.

"What about school? Your mom doesn't like it when you miss school." Eve said to the little cutie who was seated beside her.

"Everyone says I'm smart. I'm sure I'll be fine if I don't go to school for five days." She pleaded.

Eve smiled at Sophie who was like a granddaughter to her. Well, thanks to her three grown-up children who aren't ready to give her grandbabies anytime soon.

Sophie was Eve's elder sister's granddaughter. Unfortunately, Ava passed away the year Sophie was born and since then, Eve had taken the role of a loving grandmother and she was enjoying every bit of it. Eve had always loved her siblings, the same love was transferred to her nieces and nephews, most especially Sophie's mom, Anita.

"School is very important, sweetheart. You may be smart but there's still a lot you have to learn. Besides, your Grandpa and I have a very busy week starting from tomorrow. But I'm going to call your mom during the week and if she tells me that you've been a good girl, I might ask for permission for you to come spend some time with me again."

"Really?" Sophie beamed.

Eve nodded with a smile.

"Thanks, Grandma, I love you." She hugged Eve.

Eve kissed her forehead. "I love you more, Sweetheart. Unfortunately, I won't be able to take you home because I have a couple of things to catch up on but don't worry, Vanessa will take you." She gestured to the household manager who was standing a few feet away from them.

Sophie nodded.

"Is Brian's room ready?" Eve asked Vanessa.

"Yes, ma. Maddie is done cleaning and arranging. I'm to inspect the room. I'll go do that now before taking Sophie home."

"Yes, please," Eve said, knowing her first son liked everything being in order.

"I'll come with you, Vanessa." Sophie got down from the couch beside her grandmother and appeared before Vanessa, intertwining her tiny hand into Vee's bigger and warm ones.

Vanessa placed Sophie's backpack on a couch, then exited the living room with the little girl.

"I will miss you, Vanessa, You're way nicer than my nanny at home." The little girl said as they approached the staircase that led to the second floor of the mansion.

Vanessa smiled. "I'll miss you too, Sweetheart. Just be a good girl hun, so you will come spend the next or upper weekend with us."

Sophie smiled. "I'm always a good girl. Jayden is the naughty one." She said, referring to her younger brother.

Vanessa chuckled.

"Wow!" Sophie exclaimed as soon as they stepped into one of the most beautiful suites in the mansion.

"You've not been here before?" Vee asked the little girl as she gently shut the door behind them.

She shook her head. "Uncle Brian is a very mean person. He's very scary too and very grumpy." Sophie answered with a look of distaste. "He hardly smiles, He's always cranky, He complains all the time, He doesn't like little children, He never allows me into his room. He's very odd unlike my uncle Henry and aunt Laurel."

"Are you sure?" Vanessa asked, almost not believing the five-year-old.

"Grandma said he will be coming back from his business trip today. You will see for yourself." Sophie said, walking further into the suite to admire everything in it.

Vanessa Maddox only began working for the Matthews as their household manager a few weeks ago. She has never met Brian. She was only told he was on a business trip and Yes, this was her second time in his room. She first set foot in the room this morning to inspect it on Eve Matthews' request.

Sophie describing Brian's personality brought some sort of fear to her. Everyone who lives in the mansion was nothing like that. Not even Brian's parents or siblings.

Coming out of her thoughts, She began to inspect the room. She remembered Eve telling her this morning that her son, Brian, was a perfectionist so his room had to be perfect upon his return. (The reason why she was supervising even after the cleaner had taken care of the room.)

Mr and Mrs Matthews, Brian, Henry and Laurel had their suites in different parts of the mansion. To Vanessa, Brian had the most beautiful suite. It looked like an apartment on its own. The bedroom was very big, filled with expensive furniture and paintings. A small portion of the room was used for the living area. It was beautifully decorated with a centre table. There was also a workspace, an adjoined bathroom and walk-in closet. Brain's room had glass windows which were bulletproof and operated with the touch of a button. The room also had an adjoined outdoor space which consisted of Brian's pool, outdoor fireplace, tv area, mini bar and kitchen. He could have friends over and spend time with them in his personal space.

"I think everything's perfect. Oh wait, let me go check the bathroom and closet." She said to Sophie and then proceeded to one of the adjoined rooms.

Vanessa was blown away by Brian's closet which could easily be mistaken for a boutique in one of those expensive malls. As soon as she was done inspecting, She heard a shattering sound which prompted her to rush to the bedroom. A few feet away from where Sophie stood with tears in her eyes, were broken pieces of a vase.

Before Vanessa could say anything, a tear rolled down Sophie's cheek. "I promise I was being careful... I was coming to check up on you then this happened. It wasn't intentional." She sniffed, guilt evidence in her voice.

"It's okay, come here." Vanessa reached for her hand, careful not to make her step on the broken pieces"

She crouched to the little girl's height and wiped away her tears with her thumb. "Grandma will be sad. Uncle Brian will be very mad at me." She cried.

"It's okay, Sophie. No one will be mad at you. It was an accident. I'll tell Maddie to help us clean the room. We also have extra vases in the storeroom which I will replace with the one that broke. Brian will never know."

"Really?" The little girl asked, feeling a bit relieved.

Vanessa nodded.

"Thank you." She hugged Vee

Vanessa smiled. "You're welcome. Grandma must be waiting for us. Let's go downstairs."

The duo first went in search of Maddie to inform her about the accidental mess Sophie made. Sophie also apologized to Maddie for causing extra work for her.

Vanessa's duty as the household manager of the Matthews mansion was to manage the entire affairs of the home, including supervising the staff, training them and filling in for them where necessary and so far, She has been doing great.

"Uncle Henry!!!" Sophie screamed for joy as she ran towards Henry Matthews, one of her favourite people in the house.

"Hey!" Henry squatted in time and picked her up. He got off work early today and was having conversations with his mom before Vanessa and Sophie appeared. Unlike Brian, Henry wasn't interested in the family's business. He left the burden for his elder brother and decided to pursue his passion. Henry Matthews was a popular professional photographer. He also owns a well known Art Gallery.

"Are you ready to go home to your Mom and Jayden?"

"Yes, but I'll miss you."

"We will all miss you, pumpkin. If I'm not too busy during the week I will stop by your place with some presents for you and Jayden."

"You promise." She beamed.

"Yes! And you know I always keep my promise."

"Hi, Vanessa." Henry smiled at her, placing Sophie on her feet.

"Good day, Sir." She replied with a polite smile. 

"Come give me one last hug, Sophie." Eve gestured towards her granddaughter and she did just that.

"You're not going to drop her?" Henry asked his mother.

"No, I have to make dinner. The driver will drop her. Vanessa will accompany him."

"I'll tell Dan not to worry. Vanessa and I will go drop Sophie." Henry said.

"You sure? You told me you came back early to rest before dinner."

Henry smiled. "I'm sure, Mom. Sophie's home is not that far. We will be back in no time."

After saying goodbye to Eve, Henry picked up Sophie. They exited the mansion with Vanessa behind them. She had Sophie's backpack with her.

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