CHAPITRE ONZE: Saving Claudette

THE ROOM WAS HUGE AND DIM AT THE SAME TIME. That’s what Theodore noticed the moment he entered the VIP room they’re talking about. He noticed some influential wealthy ladies and gentlemen inside the said room and the only thing that illuminated the whole room was the light from the mini stage.

“And now, for the much-anticipated main item of the night. Of course, we’ll save the best for last,” Theodore’s eyes settled on the stage as soon as the red curtains opened, revealing a young lady wearing a beautiful red dress and she was blindfolded as well. And albeit she’s blindfolded, Theodore knew who it was.

“The auction item number nine, is this beautiful young lady that we’ll call her Rosie.”

Theodore knew it was his Young Lady, Claudette de Saint-Germain.

“The bidding starts at 500,000 Euro.”

One of the bidders, a woman, raised her number. “550,000 Euro.”

“550,000 Euro, it is.”

Another bidder, a man, raised his number. “1 000,000

Maxiel Linda

Hello, Monsieur and Madesmoiselle! I went on total hiatus for almost half a year because of my health condition but you don't need to worry for I'll be updating this novel as daily as possible. Thank you for reading and I love you all.

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