“WHO WOULD REALLY think WE’LL BE THIS LUCKY?” an anonymous man said as he stared at the girl who was tied up in her seat, head low. The girl is wearing an expensive Victorian Steampunk Dickens Red Gown Theater Corset Dress that only a rich girl and a daughter from the upper-class family like her could wear and afford.

The place was old and cold. It’s the full moon but it’s still cold for the girl’s liking. The place smells filthy, gross that anytime she could puke.

Well, what she should expect in an abandoned place, right?

“We really did catch a big fish, eh? This kid looked so rich,” one of his accomplices said as he grinned at the girl even if she’s not looking.

“What do her parents said? Will they give us the ransom?” the first guy asked as he grabbed some cig from his old coat. “Did you tell them how much is the ransom in order for them to save their child?”

One of his accomplices grinned at him. “Eight Million Euro. They’ll give it in no time, they say.” (*about Ten million USD)

“Call them again. Make it 17 Million.” (*about 20 Million USD)

Oui, oui,” the guy responded as he grabbed his phone and called the girl’s parents once again.

The abandoned warehouse went silent again. Only puffing of smoke coming from the cigarette and exhales were the ones that can be heard inside. Suddenly, one of the guys broke the silence.

“Aren’t you bored? We should have some fun while waiting for the ransom money to come.”

“Nope I thought about it, you’re right,” the first guy smirked as he looked at the silent girl who’s still sitting at the center of the abandoned warehouse. “Seems like our little lamb here is lonely. We should have some fun with her.”

They licked their tongues as the stared at the porcelain legs of the girl, like they’re devouring her in their eyes.

            Putain, ma bite se contracte,” the first guy said. (*Goddamn, my dick is twitching.)

            “Let’s play with her now,” the other guy said as they walked towards the girl.

Before they could touch the girl’s legs, the girl spoke. “If you value your life, don’t touch me.”

The two guys looked at each other and laughed. “What are you going to do, missy? You’re tied up! What are you going to do to us at that state, huh?”

The girl slowly lifted her head and stared at them in cold eyes. “Il vous tuera.” (*He will kill you.)

Suddenly, the door behind them broke open. The two kidnappers looked around to see who broke the door. “Who is that—”

Before they could finish their sentence, they were kicked and punched until they were out cold.

The girl’s eyes settled on the man in front of her who is now kneeling in front of her like a prince. “Je suis là, mademoiselle.(*I am here, Miss.)

“You’re late, Theodore.”

The guy named Theodore smiled at her sheepishly. “I apologized, mademoiselle Claudette.

The girl named Claudette grunted. “Just untie me. It’s really uncomfortable. Let me out of this filthy place as well. I really need a bath.”

“Yes, mademoiselle.”

Theodore immediately untied Claudette and after he untied her, he lifted her up and carried her like a child. “Let’s get out of here, mademoiselle.”

“As we should be.”

But before they could even get out, they faced a bunch of men who are now trying to stop them from escaping. They’re holding weapons as well and they surrounded both Theodore and the girl.

“You can’t get away from us!” they shouted.

“Ugh, c’mon,” Claudette rolled her eyes. “I seriously want to get the fuck out of here. I badly need a bath. My body is so filthy because of sweat because they don’t have any air conditioner here.”

“A fine lady doesn’t curse, Mademoiselle Claudette,” Theodore said as he gently smiled at her.

“Before I’ll get more irritated and worst, angry and curse the shit out of them, finish them off, my dear butler.”

Theodore smiled at her. “Ah yes, Mademoiselle,” and from his happy expression, it changes into a cold, murderous one as he pulled out the 44.-caliber Smith & Wesson. As his murderous aura emitted his whole being, he smirked at the men around them. “You laid your filthy, dirty hands on my young lady, it’s time for you to get on your knees and beg for salvation.”

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