CHAPITRE UN: The Spy Named Theodore Doyle


A loud shout from the woman can be heard from the Marché in a town in France. Everyone turned their heads in her direction and they saw her pointing at a guy in his black hoodie jacket running away from her. “There’s a robber! He robbed my bag! Somebody help me!!!”

“Stop!!!” three police officers came and chased the robber.

The robber laughed maniacally and even stuck his tongue out.

Hahahahahahahaha!!! Attrape-moi si tu peux, idiots!” (*Catch me if you can, you idiots!)

“Stop right there!!!”

One of them is actually holding a gun and was about to shoot but his buddy stopped him. “You can’t shoot! There are many civilians in this location!”

The robber ran as fast as he could, faster than the polices chasing him. He’s even teasing them for not coping up with his speed. He was about to turn to the alley when someone tripped his foot, kicked his and smoothly took the bag from him. The robber rolled on the ground while wincing and groaning in pain, holding his abused leg.

The robber raised his head on the man. “What the fuck?! What did you do?!”

The man smiled at him. He’s wearing faded jeans, black leather jacket with a white hoodie jacket underneath. A normal guy, so to speak. “Not bad, you’re fast. Such a shame you have a passive sense that you didn’t even sense my presence.”

The robber glared at the man and as he’s limping, he stood up and was about to attack the man but the man swiftly turned to avoid the robber’s attack. He grabbed the robber’s arm and swiftly pinned him on the ground and handcuffed him.

“What the—”

The man smirked at him. “You are under arrest.”

The man stood up then turned his head to the three polices and the owner of the bag who just came to their location. They stared at them in awe. “Oh.”

The man smiled at them and he gave the bag to the woman who accepted and hugged it securely. “Thank you so much, sir.”

“Don’t mention it, Madame,” the man responded. He, then, looked at the polices who were actually looking at him in awe. He pointed the robber on the ground. “You can get him now.”

“Oh, t-thank you, sir,” the polices bowed at him and took the robber away, actually scolding the said robber.

The man turned his head to them and smiled. Holding the strap of his bag, he walked away.

Strings of sobs and cries can be heard inside the Police Nationale headquarters of the wealthiest town in Paris, France. And because the building is huge, people could actually hear the sobs and cries from the wealthy couple they’re having a conversation with.

“We’re trying our best to find your daughter, Madame,” one of the Gardien de la paix said, assuring the couple.

“She has been missing for two weeks already! What are you all doing?!” the woman said, outbursting her emotions. She even tried to hit the police but her husband pulled her to sit.

“Honey, calm down. Please calm down.”

“How could I calm down when our daughter is missing and we don’t have any clue where she is?! Tell me!”

“Just please calm down, honey.”

“Please calm down, Madame.”

“This is the fifteenth case already,” the Brigadier Chief turned his head towards the Brigadier Major de Police who’s looking at the couple with fierce eyes and a frown on his forehead.

“Sir!” the Brigadier Chief saluted. “I-I didn’t know you’ll visit here,” he looked so shocked on the Brigadier Major de Police’s appearance.

“Yes, I visited because of the rampant kidnapping case of this town is quite alarming. The whole city and municipalities and even the neighboring towns are in a panic because of it,” the Major responded. “I don’t want to admit this but the fact that these people are actually kidnapping not just ordinary kids, but these missing kids came from wealthy and influential families in this town and all of the victims were girls and they didn’t even leave a single trace of doing the act. We can’t even track them down. The mastermind of this crime is really clever and knows how our police force works.”

“Could it be the mafia who’s actually behind this?”

“Possible but I’m afraid they’re not.”

“A syndicate, maybe?”

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” the Major said. “There’s really something off in this case. We can’t really capture and solve this crime if we’ll be going to rely on our speculations. It’s actually time for us to step up our game.”

“You mean sir…”

The Major looked at the Brigadier Chief. “I contacted him.”

Looking like a normal person on his faded jeans, black leather jacket with a white hoodie jacket underneath, a man went inside the Police Nationale Building. One of the polices in the information desk looked at him. The police were about to ask about his identity but the man automatically showed his ID to the police.

The police nodded at him. “He’s waiting for you in his office. Shall I take you there, sir?”

“No need. I already know where it is. Merci,” the man responded with a smile and he walked silently into the building’s lobby. The people couldn’t even feel his presence as he silently went to the Brigadier Chief’s office.

When he’s finally in front of the door, he made a weak, unusual knock which he actually did three times and he heard a response inside the office. “Come in.”

He silently went inside the office and closes the door silently. As the man finally closed the door, he looked at the Brigadier Chief and the Brigadier Major de Police. The Chief was staring at him in awe while the Major smiled at him.

“It’s been a while, Theo. How are you?” the Major asked.

The man’s blank expression changed in a split second and he responded with a smile. “I’m quite fine, sir. The farm life somehow made me feel better.”

“Did you enjoy your vacation?”

The man nodded and maintained his smile as he responded. “Absolutely, sir.”

“Sir,” the Chief interrupted. “Is he…?”

“Ah, yes. Theo, I guess you already knew Brigadier Chief Chastain,” the Major said then he looked at the Chief. “Chief Chastain, this man in front of you, is the secret weapon of our Police Intelligence. He is our discreet spy, Theodore Doyle.”

Theodore bowed at the surprised Chief and smiled. “Please to meet you, sir. I am Theodore Doyle, at your service.”

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