CHAPITRE QUATRE: The Robber, The Lady and The Butler


I smelled gun powder.

For someone who actually loves to play gun-shooting in her leisure time, she actually knew the the smell of gun powder from bullets.

Suddenly, they heard a gunshot and all people screamed, covering their ears as they quivered, trembled and ducking themselves on the ground.

A man suddenly shouted. “On the ground! Give me all your money and jewelry if you still want to live!”

As soon as he shouted, the jewelry shop already locked inside as people noticed that there’s another two men locking the door inside and guarding them. The two security guards couldn’t do anything at them since one of them was already shot to death and one of them was actually out cold.

The man pointed his gun to the staff, the manager and the people inside the jewelry shop that they couldn’t help but just give every valuable thing and money they owned to the robbers as they drop on the floor with their hands over their heads, quivering and trembling in fear.

Everyone did it, except for a certain lady who’s just sitting on the sofa as if nothing’s happening.

For course, it’s Claudette de Saint-Germain.

The man approached her, pointing a gun at her. “What are you doing sitting around like that? Give me your belongings and your money.”

“I don’t have any cold cash here,” Claudette responded as her gaze settled on the man’s grumpy face. “I only brought my black card with me… and my iPhone 12 of course.”

“Then give it to me!” the man insisted.

“I don’t think you could access any of my belongings,” Claudette spoke, tilting her head. “You’re not bearing my identity or my name so you can’t.”

“Stop saying rubbish and just fucking give it to me!” the man shouted on her face.

“Don’t order me around. You’re not the boss of me. Don’t point that cheap handgun onto me either,” Claudette spoke once again, smirking in disgust. “And stop shouting on my face. Your breath stinks and it’s disgusting as fuck.”

The other two robbers noticed how red their leader’s face is. The former just got humiliated by a 16 year-old rich kid in front of so many people.

The audacity.

He shouted angrily and pointed the gun at Claudette’s head, gritting his teeth as he cocked the hammer as his finger ready to pull the trigger. “Do you really want to die, kid?”

“I’m afraid to say yes but as of now, no since I have a party to attend tomorrow. I don’t want to disappoint my parents,” she answered with a drip of cockiness on her voice.

“You’re really getting into my nerves, kid. You’re beautiful but you really want your bloody brain to scatter on this place,” he pulled the hammer once again. “What’s your dying wish, kid?”

“Not a death wish but a warning,” Claudette spoke. With confidence, she formed her three fingers in a gun-shaped and pointed it to the robber who slightly flinched when she did. “Be careful. You might die here.”

“What the fuck are you talking—” before he could finish his sentence, he felt his right arm got twisted so hard that he couldn’t help but drop the gun and screamed in pain. “What the fuck?!”

“It’s rude to point a gun on a lady, don’t you think Monsieur?” the robber turned his head on the man who’s now holding his arm, twisting it that he even couldn’t bear the pain anymore. The guy even had the audacity to smile at him.

“Who the fuck—who the fuck are you?!”

“I’m just a mere butler at your service, Monsieur,” Theodore smiled at him and kicked his leg that he automatically kneeled on the ground.

“Hey, you!” the two other robbers were about to shoot him but he immediately threw forks on them, stabbing them on their hands and legs that they couldn’t help but drop on the ground, screaming in pain. “Ah!”

“I’m not fond of hurting others but please do bear the pain,” he sheepishly said. The two robbers were about to grab their guns that they dropped but Theodore pulled some forks once again and threw those at them, stabbing their both hands and legs and their screams and cries in pain are unbearable. But he thought it’s kind of a good idea, though because the people inside the jewelry shop slowly raised their heads with a bewildered expressions on their faces.

“You’re late again, Theodore,” Claudette said out of the blue, crossing her arms over her chest and crossing her leg as well.

“I made it in five, My Lady,” Theodore responded, blinking innocently and totally unbothered about the struggling robber he’s holding.

“You should be faster than that. I don’t like my personal butler being sloppy as fuck,” she fired back.

Theodore chuckled. “I’ll do better next time, My Lady.”

“As you should,” Claudette’s eyes settled on the lady staff who entertained her earlier. “Hey, you.”

“E-Eh?” the lady staff muttered, bewildered. “M-Me, Mademoiselle?”

“Call the police,” Claudette answered instead, tilting her head. “Then take me to the VIP room for my jewelry. I don’t wanna waste more time here.”

When Claudette finally went out of the jewelry shop with four shopping bags on Theodore’s hand, she stared at the three robbers who were now getting inside of the separate police cars.

Albeit she had a keen observation skills, she didn’t notice how one of the police exchange gazes with her butler before leaving.

“What a day, isn’t it My Lady?” out of the blue, Theodore asked.

“I’m starving,” Claudette responded instead. “Let’s go home.”

“What do you want me to prepare for the dinner tonight, My Lady?”

“I actually want to eat Italian cuisine tonight, especially the pasta and such. Make one.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

“I actually want to ask this but I just kept my mouth shut earlier. Why do you have forks on your suit?”

“I actually found it on one of the shop’s mini kitchen when I noticed that there’s something happening outside the restroom. Good thing those are sharp.”

“You should aim harder. Those guys really looked like broke gamblers. They kind of deserved that though. So, don’t hesitate.”

Theodore couldn’t help but chuckle. “Next time, my lady.”

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