“TODAY ON BFM TV FRANCE. ANOTHER CASE OF KIDNAPPING ONCE AGAIN happened today as a beautiful teenage girl and the daughter of the CEO of Anouilh Shipping Lines, Margot Anouilh went missing. Witnesses mentioned that they saw her enter a coffee shop and never came out again. The said coffee shop was under investigation but investigations came out that they never saw Margot after taking the restroom. The parents of Margot Anouilh were desperately begging for the kidnappers to release their child and begging for everyone to come out about their child’s mysterious disappearance…”

“Alexa, turn off the TV,” Claudette muttered after putting her ring onto her finger which also wrapped with her lacy gloves from Gucci. It was six in the evening as she settled herself for the party that they’re going to attend at seven.

“TV turning off…” a robotic voice from a woman could be heard in her huge room and by that, the television turned off.

Theodore entered her room with a rectangular cushion on his hands. There, he brought five stilettos for his young maiden to choose. “Mademoiselle, I brought the stilettos you ordered me to bring.

After putting her silver Serpenti earrings from Bvlgari, she faced Theodore and slightly moved her ball gown’s skirt up, revealing her bare feet. Theodore slightly bowed and kneeled in front of her and showed the five stilettos. She silently looked at the stilettos, trying to match those on her gown. After a minute, she chose the white stilettos with white feathers on the toe part and crystals that wraps the ankle. She gave it to Theodore and the latter gently held her foot and wear it for her.

“Lucien is on downstairs, My Lady. He was actually waiting for you,” Theodore spoke, breaking the silence around him.

“I see,” after Theodore wore her shoes on the right, she gave her diamond necklace she purchased from Cartier to Theodore and let him wear it for her.

“All done, my lady,” Theodore said as she slightly fixed her hair, smiling at her at the mirror.

Claudette turned to him and nodded her head. “Wear your suit as well. You’re coming with me.”

He put his hand over his chest and bowed. “Oui, mademoiselle.

Lucien saw Claudette walking down on the manor’s downstairs. He’s wearing a Madison line full canvas velvet suit with a double-breasted jacket from Armani. Oh, he also had his black overcoat from Armani as well. He stared at Claudette in astonishment. She’s wearing a beige-colored off-shoulder Princess Court Train Organza Satin Gown and her hair were fixed in a One-Sided Braid with Soft Curls and her bangs were fixed on the side.

Theodore was also behind her wearing a Regular fit, crinkled cupro jacket from the Upton Line from Armani as well and like usual, his hair was semi-pushed back with his fringe formed like a comma.

With excitement, Lucien walked towards the stairs to greet Claudette who just one staircase apart from him. When she finally looked at him, he put his hand over his chest and bowed then held her right hand wearing her white lacy gloves and kissed her Sapphire ring. “Good evening, Mademoiselle.”

“Let me guess, you came here because you don’t have a date for Baudelaire’s party, do you?” Claudette asked her, as if she’s asking as a matter of fact.

Lucien frowned. “Why do you sound like I’ll have another girl to date aside from you? Of course, it’s natural because you’re my lovely fiancée and no one else.”

Yep, Lucien is Claudette’s fiancé.

Since their families were friends since birth and business partners, they arranged the two of them for marriage. And albeit they like or don’t like each other, in the end, they’re obligated to marry each other. That’s the rule.

Lucien was obviously in love with Claudette ever since they’re kids. As for Claudette, she didn’t have any vivid memory about her childhood so she couldn’t relate to Lucien’s feelings.

Lucien is not really that bad, she’ll be going to admit. It’s just that, he’s nosy and annoying.

Lucien’s eyes settled on Theodore who actually smiled and bowed at him for a greeting. “Oh, Theodore my man! You’re coming with us, too?”

“Yes, sir,” Theodore answered.

“Of course he’s coming with me. He’s my butler and my bodyguard,” Claudette spoke in a monotone voice.

Oh, allons-y? I brought my car with me.” (*Oh, let’s go?)

Claudette waved her hand in refusal. “Leave your car here. I find your car uncomfortable. You’re coming with me.”

Lucien’s eyes lit up like stars in the sky. “Oh, oh, ma douce Claudette. My lovely Claudette wants me to come with her for a ride.” (*Oh, oh, my sweet Claudette.)

She totally ignored her dork of a fiancé’s cringy antics and talked to Theodore instead. “Is the limousine ready?”

“Yes, My Lady. Jean is also there to take us to the party.”

“Well then, let’s go,” before Claudette could even cling to Theodore’s arms, Lucien pulled her towards him and let her hand cling onto him.

“Shall we, My Love?”

Claudette sighed. She really finds it cringy when Lucien called her that and even scold him on that but the fellow is so damn hard-headed so she just let him what he wanted to call her.

She nodded as she went out the manor together with Lucien with Theodore trailing behind them and the servants bidding them goodbye.

They finally arrived in the Baudelaire’s manor and from outside, they could see people with expensive and fancy tuxedo, suits and dresses come and go, showing their invitations to the bodyguards just in front of the manor’s front door.

The manor was huge, if Theodore could say at least. With the entire fountain with angel statues at the center of the manor’s ground to the huge ground of the said manor. It really looked elegant and fancy. But with no bias intended, the de Saint-Germain manor is much larger than this one.

As they’re already in front of the bodyguards, both Lucien and Claudette showed their invitation to the guards.

“Claudette de Saint-Germain. I brought a plus one,” she slightly tilted her towards Theodore to emphasize what she’s talking about. “Plus one, Theodore Doyle.”

“Lucien Faucher,” Lucien spoke beside her.

The bodyguards looked at the list they’re holding and they both nodded, confirming that they’re on the list. “Bienvenue, Monsieur, Mademoiselle.”

The manor’s interior was inspired from the interior of old England manor, with a huge center staircase as well as the paintings around the hall. The paintings were more like the family member portrait for he even recognized the former head of the family who already passed away, Reagan Baudelaire. Of course, the party was lively with all the guests talking at each other and laughing at each other while sipping their champagne glasses and eating some desserts from the party’s buffet.

It’s like a normal, glamorous, fancy party Theodore attended.

Except that… there’s something off with the surroundings and he couldn’t pinpoint what is it yet.

“I’ll fetch you some champagne, My Lady,” Theodore spoke, bowing in front of Claudette and Lucien. When Claudette gave him a nod, he went off to fetch some champagne from the champagne tower of glasses.

“I seriously starting to get tired,” Claudette murmured.

“I know. But the party’s not yet starting and we haven’t met Baudelaire yet so please bear with it,” albeit Claudette finds Lucien annoying, she somehow appreciates that he’s understanding about her attitude and issues in life.

“That’s the point. I want to—”

“Oh, you finally arrived,” Lucien and Claudette turned their heads on Odette Baudelaire who’s now smiling beautifully at the both of them. The latter approached the two and gave them greetings by kissing their cheeks. “Good to see you here at my party, Claudette, Lucien.”

Odette Baudelaire was the second in the broad of three. Her family was the owner of Beau & Baudelaire Cosmetics, a makeup line which is also quite famous around the Globe. Claudette was actually one of their customers, so to speak. Their families were business partners so that’s understood that they’re actually acquaintances.

“My parents couldn’t make it so I attended in their stead,” Claudette said.

“Oh, it’s okay. I was actually glad that you came here,” Odette responded, but her eyes settled on Lucien, obviously, was hitting on him.

Yeah, one of the reasons why Claudette finds Lucien’s presence annoying is because she’s getting caught up with girls hitting on him when she’s around. Lucien is quite good looking, to be honest.

Of course, Claudette will never settle for an ugly fiancé, you know.

“Oh, the dance is starting!”

They heard the party’s orchestra started playing for a dance so Odette looked excitedly at Lucien who’s actually fidgeting awkwardly besides Claudette. Before she could breathe a word to Lucien, she turned her gaze to Claudette who’s now staring blankly at Lucien. “Would you mind if I ask your date for a dance?”

“No, not at all,” Claudette responded. Of course, she felt Lucien gripping her hand as if he wants her to decline but she gave him a tiny smile and spoke. “*Lucien, moushideo kotowarunowa shitsureda kanojoto odottara watachi o hitoride tsureteittemo ikara shin’paishinaidene.(*It’s rude to decline an offer, Lucien. Don’t worry, after dancing with her, you can have me all by yourself.)

Odette frowned while listening to them, confusion was written on her face but she didn’t say anything. Obviously, they’re speaking in Japanese.

Claudette saw the obvious trails of pink on Lucien’s cheeks that she couldn’t help but smirk. She could easily please this guy beside her. Such a simpleton.

Lucien looked at her with hopeful eyes. “*Honto? Ima itta kotoo sono mama motteikanain’desuyone?(*Really? You’re not taking what you said back, right?)

Mochiron,” Claudette gave him a tiny smile once again. “Saa, ima sugu Odette-san o dan’sufuroani tsureteitte kudasai.” (*Of course. So, take Odette to the dance floor right now.)

Lucien nodded with a huge smile on his face and when he turned his head to Odette who was actually anticipating him, he gave her a tiny smile and held her hand. “Shall we dance, My Lady?”

“Yes,” Odette responded in enthusiasm.

Claudette just watched them as she sipped some champagne that one of the waiters gave to her and stood on her post in silence. She didn’t actually question where is her butler right now, thinking that he’s also having some fun all by himself.

Well, he slightly deserved a minute off either.

“Shall we dance, My Lady?” Claudette turned her head to the owner of the voice and saw a white-haired guy smiling at her. He’s around six feet tall, quite the same height as Theodore. He’s good-looking, as if the angels took their time carving his face perfectly.

She actually didn’t want to interact with other people but she didn’t want to be rude either, for the sake of reputation. She gave him a tiny smile and accepted his hand. “Sure.”

Of course, the guy took her to the circle of couples dancing on the dance floor. She’ll be going to admit, she actually enjoyed waltzing with the guy around the dance floor but she still had this feeling that she’s uncomfortable with the guy’s presence. She also felt that even if she wanted to avert her gaze, she couldn’t. She felt like she’s got hypnotized by the man’s gaze that she couldn’t help but feel slight dizziness while dancing.

Seriously… what the fuck is going on?

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