Chapter 4

Finally, Saturday had approached, Ash thought. Throughout the rest of the week, Ash had devoted his time to studying the layout of the building where the deal was going to happen, and training his men on stealth, something most gangsters wouldn't know if it hit them in the face.

Before they left for the bust, he gave them a serious talk, “We've been doing all we can to clean up the streets of Ganghaven without letting people know, and today will be no different. On this op, there'll be no bandanas, no slang, nothing that can lead people to identify us as the Sopranos. If that happens, we'll have the dealers on our backs, and believe me you do not want that.

Also, you know that rule I gave you guys, the one that says 'do not instigate or escalate violence without being attacked first'?”

His men nodded.

Ash continued, “Good. Today, just for today, I want you to fuck that rule.”

His men murmured and laughed.

“I'm s

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