Chapter 4: II

“You were saying?” Jo asked smoothly.

This time, it was Ash who got incensed, “Look, as much as I'd like to stay and play turf war with you? My men and I have something important to do here!”

“And I don't?” Jo replied, not giving an inch.

“I know you're here to steal the drugs and the cash for yourself, but that's not happening.” Ash said.

Jo wondered why he thought the worst of her motives, “You're an idiot,” She replied, “And we're going nowhere.”

“Well, it seems there's going to be a shootout.” Ash said, his mouth drawn into a hard line.

Capo stared at him and Ash grimaced. He wasn't actually planning to shoot at the Street Hawks, he was just trying to scare them into leaving.

“You won't shoot at us. It'll blow your cover. When they arrive here and see the damage you'll do, they'll up and leave immediately.” Jo said, unworried.


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