Chapter 5

When the two gangs crawled away to a safe place, an argument ensued between both leaders.

“This is all your fault!” Jo accused Ash, shooting him a furious glare.

“And how is that?” Ash replied coldly.

“If you and your men had kept away from the deal, there would have been zero glitches.” Jo said.

“I could say the same thing. If you and your greedy merry gang of men hadn't come to the building to steal the drugs and green for yourselves, we wouldn't be in this mess.” Ash accused.

One of Jo's men, a man whose biceps looked like tree trunks stepped in front of her and glowered down at Ash, “That's enough,” which brought Capo to Ash's side. Although the other man was huger than Capo, he wasn't intimidated.

Jo sighed and said to the man, “It's okay, Rex.”

Rex nodded and stepped to her side.

To Ash, she said, “It's very ridiculous of you to jump to such stu

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