Chapter 5 : II

At the precinct, Lieutenant Ted Baines called everybody around into the tiny briefing room.

Everyone knew he was going to talk about their dead colleague. It was common knowledge that Baines took the death of any of his subordinates hard.

“Yes, I called you all here to make the news official; Detective Matteo Salvador is dead.”

He waited for the murmurs of sympathy that arose, and when they died down he continued,

“He was one of our best men to work in the narcotics department. He was a beloved colleague, a husband and father to three young girls. He died in the most heroic way possible; in service to this city.

Those turds down at Ganghaven have no respect for the law and its officers. This is not the first time this is happening, but I swear on God and everything I hold dear that the person who did this must pay! The person who did this must be brought to justice! The person who murdered Salvador in cold blood will forever regre

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